Could Jack Dawson And Jay Gatsby Be The Same Perso

Jack Dawson…Penniless artist who wins a ticket onto the Titanic in 1912, attends a first class dinner, develops a taste for the finer things in life, pockets the Heart of the Ocean, survives the sinking, pawns the diamond, spends the following ten years building his wealth and in 1922 moves to West Egg as Jay Gatsby… Millionaire with a shady past and fear of swimming pools.

Ready to have your movie-going-mind blown? What if Jack Dawson and Jay Gatsby were the same person? Sure, both characters are played by the same actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, but is the “Titanic” character and “The Great Gatsby” character in fact one in the same?

Could Dawson just be a younger Gatsby?

On that note we found a great Leonardo character matrix breakdown at Huffington Post.

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True Gentleman in Hollywood: Who’s the Finest Practitioner of Chivalry in Hollywood?

In Hollywood, there are numerous artists that practice chivalry. Unfortunately, during this modern age, being chivalrous is a choice. However, in the world of Hollywood, there is a known actor that is considered as the finest practitioner of chivalry. This actor is Howard Hawks.

Howard Hawks has several films where he exposed his gentleman and chivalrous trait. Some of these films are Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday, and the Big Sheep. These films are among those films that are considered as the most enjoyable in Hollywood.

Howard Hawks takes pride in showing professionalism in his career. But, work of art and artist are alien terms for him. The reason behind it is that he always makes films by following the code of chivalry. He makes sure that he is no just creating films, but also he ensures that his leading lady is always treated right. Due to this, most of his films became popular most particularly to many women who loved and enjoyed the way he act for his role.

Howard Hawks is also known for his other films where he showed his beautiful traits like being chivalrous. If you want to know more about his moves to get a girl by being a true gentleman, then you might be interested watching his films. You can choose any films you want. As long as it will give you hints about chivalry and how to be a true gentleman, then you can watch a movie that will match on your choice or needs.

You can also be like Howard Hawks. Whether you are a teenager or a professional who wants to practice chivalry during this modern age, you can be one of the famous, chivalrous gentlemen in your area. 

There are other things that you can also consider to be chivalrous in Hollywood or in any place. If you want to be a practitioner of chivalry, then you might want to try the True Gentleman’s Jerky. It is all-natural beef jerky, which is becoming popular nowadays. It comes with a variety of flavors in which you or your favorite circle of friends can enjoy especially if you are practicing the code of chivalry to get the woman of your dreams.

True Gentleman’s Jerky is different from other products as this only uses a quality meat that will surely give you an ultimate gentleman experience. With its fresh and all-natural ingredients used, you can be assured that will enjoy this magnificent food without having any regrets. So, what are you waiting for? If you are a gentlemen or want to practice chivalry, it’s time to make a change in this modern age and find out the difference of taking True Gentleman’s Jerky!

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Paul Walker Personifies a True Gentlemen

Celebrities seemingly abound, but those who personify the quality of being a true gentleman are scarce. It is often in death that the true character of a person is revealed, and when it comes to people in show business, it is not common that the life and death of a man is truly viewed as honorable. For Paul Walker, however, it is fair to say that he embodied and is the epitome of a great friend, father, and true gentleman.

It has been almost a month since Walker passed, that fated Saturday afternoon and in his death, words about his character, lifestyle, and work ethic have been expressed, whether from his ex-girlfriend, daughter, coworkers, friends, and others in his industry. Not one person has had a bad word to speak of the man whose life was tragically cut short while doing something he loved.

It is easy to understand how some celebrities can use their position, influence, and money to manipulate or to treat people poorly. A true gentleman however, does not allow his status or income level to dictate the manner in which he treats others. As a group of friends, we at TG Jerky chose to begin a company, and as true gentlemen, we keep each other accountable and remind ourselves daily, that we have the power to choose what we do and how we treat others and ourselves. We have never met Mr. Walker, but we are fans of his films, but even more than that, we are fans of Paul Walker, the person.

As a philanthropist who worked hard and was very proud of the work his foundation did to donate to others, Paul Walker showed us all what a 21st century true gentleman is. It is Walker, and those like him that remind us that times change, trends fade, but the characteristics of courtesy, loyalty, politeness, kindness, and hard work are timeless.

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