A Commitment to Local

While most national jerky brands import their beef from a host of foreign countries (ask them), ours comes from cattle born and raised in Southern California. Not only is supporting local agriculture an important commitment for us as a company, but buying local helps reduce our impact on the environment. It also greatly improves our ability to monitor quality since we have batch traceability on every piece of beef we own, and our supplier is right around the corner.


Better Meat, Better Jerky

Always remember: the “beef” comes before the “jerky”. Our beef is not over-processed mystery meat. It is cut-for-the-butcher’s-counter steak in the Eye of Round cut. We use Eye of Round because it is the leanest, most protein-packed cut of steak available, which is why our jerky has 3-5g/serving more protein than the other guys’. It has has never, ever been given any hormones or antibiotics. It is USDA-certified natural beef fit for your dinner table.


Fresh Flavors

Our marinades are real, and they’re inspired by regional flavors using authentic, simple ingredients. No added preservatives, ever. If you wouldn’t put it in a steak marinade, you won’t find it on our jerky.


Snack Freely

We were tired of tearing through sheets of tough jerky. It’s messy, inconvenient, and frankly just downright irresponsible. Our jerky comes in easy-to-eat strips, built for snacking.


“The One With The Floss”

While we tried to think of everything, we couldn’t change the fact that jerky occasionally gets stuck in one’s teeth. So, to prevent you from ever being STUCK (pun intended) in that situation, we include a single serving packet of floss in every bag to help you snack more...responsibly.