How to Shave Properly

In a world full of high-tech electric shavers with free-floating pulsonic blades and whisper-silent pop-up trimmers, does anyone really need to know how to shave with a plain old razor blade? The answer will seem obvious when you arrive in Houston for the big account meting– but your luggage is rerouted to Cleveland.  All you need to save the day is a can of shaving cream and one very sharp piece of metal.  

  1. Wash your face with soap and water.  To soften your skin, wet a washcloth with warm water and hold it to your face for 30 seconds.  This will ensure a much smoother shave.
  2. Using a shaving brush or your hand, apply the shaving cream over the area you wish to shave.  If you don’t have shaving cream, hair conditioner makes a good emergency substitute.
  3. Be sure to use a new (or relatively new) razor blade.  Dragging dull piece of metal across your face is a surefire way to sabotage your appearance.
  4. Starting on one side of your face, shave from the top of the beard line down to your jawline in one even stroke.  Move with the grain of the hair.  Be sure to hold the razor at a 45-degree angle or less to reduce nicks and cuts.  Rinse the razor between strokes and continue with the rest of your face in the same manner. 
  5. Starting on one side of your neck, shave from the hairline on your neck up to your jawline in one even stroke.  Continue with the rest of you chin/neck in the same manner.  You may want to pull your skin taut with your free hand to ensure a closer shave.
  6. Rinse the shaving cream from your face and look for spots you have missed.  Pay careful attention to the areas around your mouth, nostrils, and sideburns. 
  7. Sooth nicks and cuts by splashing your face with cold water; it often ceases the flow of blood. If you are prone to shaving injuries, invest in a styptic pencil, which constricts the blood vessels around an open cut. 
  8. Upon completion, pat your face with a clean towel and apply a moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying out. 

TIP: A straight razor offers the closet shave possible, but using one is extremely dangerous.  Shaving with a straight razor requires tremendous patience and practice – which  may be in short supply at six thirty in the morning, when you’re racing to catch your train. if you’d like to experience this classic shave, as a trained professional –your barber–to do it. 

Team TGJ does have some personal favorite grooming brands.  Keep your eyes peeled for the follow on article with links to some of our “go to” shaving products!

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